Hosting a Super Bowl watch party? Take tips from a chef

Published 11:30 am Thursday, February 9, 2023

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By American Press Staff

Special to the American Press

Is the crowd coming to your house for the Super Bowl …  and the mass feed that surrounds it?

No worries. An acclaimed local chef is offering practical tips on the best way to pull it off.

Chef Amanda Cusey, whose culinary creations have earned her the Queen of Louisiana Seafood title, will be the chef at a new restaurant, The Terrace, which opens next month. The Terrace is part of the new, 35,000-square-foot Lake Area Adventures family entertainment center on Country Club Road near Nelson Road.

The Lake Area Adventures complex will feature indoor swim lessons, virtual-reality gaming, a bouldering wall, ropes courses, party areas, boat and kayak rentals — and dining and catering by the awarding-winning Cusey.

Cusey, who comes to Lake Area Adventures from the downtown Villa Harlequin, knows all about preparing and serving food to people who love to eat and have a good time, whether it’s at The Terrace or a gathering like a Super Bowl watch party.

That knowledge is where Cusey can help you this weekend.

Start with a plan

Chef Cusey says that if you’ll be hosting a large group of people, prepare a plan before serving the first bite.

Cusey says:

• Organize. “Organization is key. Make lists and check everything off. Start one project, finish it and move on to the next one. That way, you’ll stay organized.”

• After you plan the work, work the plan. “If you have like 10 half-done projects rather than completing one project at a time, you’ll end up crunched for time.”

• Work the clock. “Give yourself enough time to get ready. Add an hour to your estimated prep time.”

•Be mindful if people will be drinking, and if so, serve food accordingly. “Bread-y foods are best. Finger sandwiches are great for that. Something to soak up what everyone is drinking.”

Feeding a large group

Cusey shared these tips for successfully feeding a Super Bowl crowd:

• Try to serve items that don’t have to be kept warm.

• Set yourself up for success by sticking to the things you know. “Make sure you have tried-and-tested recipes on the menu,” she said. “Don’t try a lot of new things. Try making one new dish, maybe.”

• Put your guests to work. “Make things that are easy for people to serve themselves,” she said. “Charcuterie is always a winner.”

What to avoid

The chef said Super Bowl parties may last for hours and and hours – but food doesn’t, necessarily.

“Hot foods are great, but you’ll want them to be served straight away,” she said. “If that can’t happen, stick to ‘cold’ foods.”

Some foods should not be left out for the entire party, such as “foods that have a lot of sauce,” Cusey said. “Nothing creamy if it’s going to sit out all day.”

Some things are worth skipping.

“Stay away from dishes that need silverware. Serve finger foods,”

Cusey said. Also, “no saucy food,” she said. “It can make messes on furniture.”

Cusey summed it up this way, with a laugh: “You want a beer in one hand, a sandwich in the other. Not a huge plate of food.”

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