Black History Month: Celebrating Dawn Warren

Published 10:46 am Thursday, February 2, 2023

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In celebration of Black History Month, L’Observateur is running a series of Q&As with various local members of the African American Community.

Full Name:  Dawn Perrilloux Warren– Also Known as= “Awesome Realtor” / “Queen Realtor”

 Where are you from? St. John the Baptist Parish- I lived in Edgard until I was 10 and the rest of the time, I lived in LaPlace. I attended Our Lady of Grace & St. Charles Catholic High School. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself: I am the proud owner of Premiere Choice Realty located at 1356 Lutcher Ave in Lutcher, LA.  A Full-Time 22 ½ years strong Real Estate professional who is doing what I love and loving what I do! 

  Real Estate is one of people’s most basic needs, so I am super proud and excited to have recently made double history (in St. James Parish) as the first female and the first African American to open a brick and mortar real estate office in St. James Parish.  

I hold a bachelor’s degree in marketing / management and a master’s degree in leadership with an emphasis in emergency management & homeland security.  

I love traveling, being adventurous, laughing out loud and having good, clean fun. 

  I can often be spotted driving all around town in my purple car OR asking that million dollar question  = “Has it DAWNed on you to Buy or Sell?”

Who are some Black role models you look up to, and why? Oprah Winfrey because she was a black female from the country roads of Mississippi who was able to build an empire that even she could not have imagined, but she kept reaching for the stars and going against the odds instead of only seeing what she knew to be familiar and within her view. 

   Also, Bridget “Biddy” Mason- I’m Super Inspired!!!!  Google /Read about her when you get a chance.  

What does Black History Month mean to you?  It’s a time to reflect /remember how far we truly have come.  Thinking back to when our ancestors were slaves and not being able to be educated or allowed to purchase property.  Today, we can be whatever we set our hearts and mind on becoming and doing.  If we dream it, we can achieve whatever we desire the most; however, we must put action with the dream and get to work!  

Why is it important to encourage diversity? The world is ever evolving. In order to stay abreast with things we must keep ourselves aware, mindful and in the know in order to continue progressing, otherwise we would be stagnant.   

What changes would you like to see in the local community? 

* I would like to see more people who have never owned a house OR have been living in/ on family property for years (simply because it’s free) to become official homeowners.

*People that live in older mobile homes, step out and become homeowners. 

* When something comes to me, I think about the Nike Slogan and “Just Do It” therefore, I often tell my clients to not think about it & JUST DO IT!  Contact me today!  

I can be reached on all social media platforms @DawnSellHomes or call /text direct 504-975-8077 or email