They need to live closer

Published 10:05 am Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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My daughter Elise and I just celebrated our one-year anniversary of her moving back home with us. Don’t worry. It’s all good. She and her daughter Emma Kate moved in so that Elise’s husband David could spruce up their house before putting it on the market.

Their home sold quickly, and they moved into our backyard efficiency apartment. But the path to building was not as smooth. Their house is scheduled to be completed in May, and my emotions are all over the place. While I’m happy for them, I don’t want them to move.

During the time they’ve lived with us, Elise had her second child, Katherine Grace, whom I’ve had the opportunity to see every day. Elise began a new job, working primarily from home (my guest bedroom) which provides more time together. Emma Kate’s 4th birthday party celebration was launched from my home. And I’m front and center to Emma Kate’s daily afterschool stories.

From the onset of this journey, my dad said Elise and David had no business moving away.

“How much do you think they’ll get for that new house?” my dad asked.

“That’s not the plan,” I said. “They’re moving into the house.”

“They need to sell and live closer to you,”

“It’s seven miles away!”

“Exactly. They need to live closer to you.”

But now that I’ve spent every day with Emma Kate and Katherine, I’ve been won over to my dad’s side. I can’t imagine them moving. Who will I prepare Cinnamon Toast Crunch for in the mornings? How will I know when Katherine is about to get another tooth? Will I eat vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup by myself?

I’ve accepted the fact that Elise and David will be moving, but those granddaughters? That’s a different story, and one that caused me to ask, “Elise, when you and David move, are you going to miss your children? They’re staying with me.”


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