More Broken Records: December Unemployment Rate Was Lowest Ever for Month of December

Published 10:41 am Tuesday, January 24, 2023

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BATON ROUGE, La. – Louisiana’s December 2022 unemployment rate was the lowest ever for the month of December, coming in at 3.5%. Since December 2021, Louisiana’s unemployment rate has dropped 0.9 percentage points from 4.4%, and Louisiana has added 46,200 jobs. Since the worst of the pandemic, Louisiana’s unemployment rate has dropped 9.6 percentage points from 13.1% and Louisiana has added 233,100 jobs.

See below for a statement from Governor John Bel Edwards:

“I am proud to report that December’s unemployment rate was the lowest ever recorded for the month of December in Louisiana at 3.5%. We have added more than 233,000 jobs since the worst of the pandemic. My administration has done hard, bipartisan work to grow and diversify our economy, and we are seeing the fruits of our labor. But more than that, these historic numbers are a credit to the strength and skill of our people, who have come back remarkably strong from a global pandemic and two devastating hurricane seasons. We will continue to work as hard as possible to create good-paying jobs and increase access to workforce training so that every Louisianan can improve their quality of life.”