Louisiana Family Forum is looking for longest married couples in Louisiana

Published 11:21 am Monday, January 23, 2023

Louisiana Family Forum (LFF) is accepting nominations for Louisiana’s 2023 Longest Married Couple and Marriage Hall of Fame, acknowledging our state’s longest-known married couples.

The Top Ten Longest Married Couples will be honored by an official Governor’s Proclamation and entered into LFF’s “Marriage Hall of Fame.” The due date for nominations is February 6th – please don’t delay!  

It’s no secret that LFF is committed to building a culture of strong marriages. Each year, LFF highlights the contributions that faithful families have made to our state and its colorful story. If you’d like to nominate someone married 70 years or more, please click here and submit the form.

“We want to share your story and encourage the next generation that ‘happily married for life’ is still doable. We are honored to share examples of lasting love,” commented LFF President Gene Mills. “LFF’s message is simple–marriage can, and indeed does, last for many …..a lifetime!

Entries must be submitted before Sunday, February 6, 2023, by filling out the form or by sending family contact information, the couple’s name and anniversary date to info@lafamilyforum.org. For more information, please call LFF at 225-344-8533.