AOL celebrates annual Crusaders MLK Day of Service

Published 9:08 am Saturday, January 21, 2023

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LAPLACE — Ascension of Our Lord continues to celebrate its annual Crusaders MLK Day of Service. On this day the school remembers the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King with a “day ON” in service instead of a day off. Several middle school students volunteered to help organize used uniforms and move school supplies.
Many parents are very happy that they can visit our used uniform room and get the uniforms needed for their children free of charge. It is a popular room on campus. “We are happy to provide this service to parents and students,” says the principal, Mr. Douglas Triche.
Students are motivated to give a helping hand, especially on this MLK Day of Service. According to Falicity, “Today is a day to remember Dr. King for all the good he did for us and to serve and do good for others.” Kindness is one of the pillars for the school’s mission.
As a faith-based school human dignity is among the top values that teacher want students to learn. “Today is a day to think about our freedoms and equal rights.” declared Isabella. Kayden asserted that this day is to think about not having racism.
Ayden wants everyone to know that MLK day is a day to, “Give back to the community.” Mia is inspired to help other people on this day. Cameron believes Dr. King teaches us to treat one another like we want to be treated. Mr. Triche says that finding opportunities for service is one of the school’s priorities.
For Jada, MLK day means we all dream about creating a world where we help one another. The school wants its high academic standards to inspire students with a vision for the world guided by their faith.
“I am proud of our Crusaders for living out the virtue of kindness taught by our patron saint, St. John Bosco.” said Mr. Triche.