Quinn Daydreams – Salespeople

Published 6:25 am Wednesday, January 18, 2023

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Why don’t we see great door-to-door sales folks anymore?

When I was a kid, they rang our bell all the time. They sold just about anything.

One time I bought encyclopedias from a guy at my door. Call me a softie, but I can’t turn down anybody holding 26 books in each arm. I hope he sold that other set, too.

Which leads me to ask: When was the last time a telephone sales call really messed up your day? Was the call from a real person, or a recorded message?

What did you say back to that recorded message? Is it printable?

In today’s environment, friends tell me they’re overwhelmed by phone salespeople.

Last night I got calls from one man selling insurance, and another selling bungee-jumps. So, I gave the jumper the insurance man’s number…and we’ll see which one wins.

At work our receptionist got a call from a guy who offered ventriloquism lessons. “How do I know they work?” she asked.

“Because,” he said, “my dummy’s talking to you now…and I’m drinking water.”


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