Michel: Prayer that never ceases

Published 1:00 am Wednesday, January 18, 2023

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I’ve prayed for something for years, and although I no longer have a need for it, I’m happy it’s happened.

I’m a morning person.

I wish it had happened when I was in college, especially the semester I scheduled daily 8 a.m. classes. Big mistake, yet one from which my children benefited. I advised them to schedule classes when you’re most likely to attend. Work with what you’ve got.

Being an early riser would have also been helpful while raising young children. When they were finally asleep at night, I’d get a second wind and the desire to complete something. Anything. A dress. A wreath. A hair bow. Something I could start and finish since cooking, cleaning, and picking up toys never ended. However, staying up late did not mesh well with children who woke early.

And I certainly would have benefited from energy in the mornings when I taught. My first cup of coffee was poured while everyone slept. I needed to pray before the rush of activity began.

Morning prayer has long been a goal. To compensate for the times I failed, I would grab moments of prayer throughout the day: when the children napped, as I drove, or when I opened my Discover bill. I learned to snatch prayer time here and there.

Now that I don’t work, don’t wake kids up for school, and have no desire to attend college, I’ve become a morning person. Whether it’s a habit or just part of the aging process, I’m enjoying it.

I love having a quiet time to read, pray, and ponder the day. In addition, I’ve clung to the small, yet fervent whispers of prayer I learned to shoot to Heaven whenever a need crossed my mind.

Various translations of 1 Thessalonians 5:17 offer the same message. “Pray without ceasing.” “Pray continually.” “Pray all the time.”  Praying throughout the day, not just in church or at a specific time, keeps my focus on God. And that’s another area for which I’ve prayed.


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