Agents Cite Bayou Pigeon Man and Juvenile for Migratory Game Bird Violations

Published 10:08 am Wednesday, January 11, 2023

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Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries enforcement agents cited a south Louisiana man and a juvenile for alleged migratory game bird violations on Jan. 1 in Iberville Parish.

Agents cited Hunter Settoon, 18, and a 17-year-old juvenile who accompanied Settoon, both of Bayou Pigeon, for hunting migratory game birds over a baited area, taking over the legal limit of ducks and intentional concealment of wildlife.  Settoon was also cited for placing bait to take migratory game birds, aiding and abetting in taking migratory game birds, violating non-toxic shot requirements, and failing to display boat numbers and valid registration decal.

Agents setup surveillance on a pond in the Atchafalaya Basin that was known to be baited with wheat and corn.  Agents witnessed Settoon and the juvenile hunt and harvest ducks over the baited area.  Agents made contact with Settoon and the juvenile and discovered that Settoon placed the bait in order to attract ducks to the area.

During inspection of the vessel, agents found that Settoon and the juvenile intentionally concealed additional waterfowl to appear to be within their daily limit.  Settoon and the juvenile were found in possession of seven wood ducks, one black bellied whistling duck and a northern shoveler.  Settoon was also found in possession of lead shot.

Agents also learned that on a previous date a few days prior, Settoon and the Juvenile harvested 23 wood ducks over the same baited area.

The daily bag limit for ducks is six and may include no more than three wood ducks.

Agents seized seven wood ducks, one black bellied whistling duck, northern shoveler and meat from 23 other wood ducks and donated them to a local charity.

All migratory game bird baiting cases are filed with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for prosecution in Federal Court.  Failing to display boat numbers and valid registration decal bring up to a $50 fine for each offense.

Agents involved in this case are Sgt. Thomas Ashley, Corporal Tyler Smith, Corporal Luke Langley and Senior Agent Garrett Kirkland.