January is a new beginning

Published 9:15 am Wednesday, January 4, 2023

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January 1, 2023 – a new year. Regardless of what 2022 meant to you, it is now history.  It’s gone forever. The positive and negative things that happened are only memories.  As I look back, I thank God for some of the best things in my life that happened during the first months of January in different years.

January 19, 1953, I completed high school. The next day I left for a four-year term in the U.S. Navy.  In January, 1957, I completed my term of military service and a few weeks later I started to date Jeanne who later became my wife.  We were blessed with four children.

In January, 1964, I was elected the state representative for St. John Parish.

In January, 1968, I developed a serious problem with alcohol and was encouraged by my family and friends to seek help for my addiction. I started a 12-step program for alcoholics and thank God today for that program which has enabled me to stay sober for

49 years.

Every January, I offer my services to anyone who may have a drinking or illegal drug problem.  It’s a fact that more people with problems seek help in January than any other time.

Happy New Year!


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