Published 11:26 am Wednesday, December 28, 2022

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Gulf Area — Dec. 28, 2022 — While electronics make common gifts this holiday season, Waste Management reminds the community that lithium batteries pose a serious problem when disposed of improperly. Lithium batteries are increasingly causing fires in the waste and recycling stream. These batteries can be embedded in electronics such as cell phones, laptops, games and toys, Bluetooth headphones, power tools and e-cigarettes. They can be stand-alone batteries that resemble standard alkaline batteries such as AA, AAA, and D cell batteries. Presently, all lithium batteries can cause fires when damaged, even if they can no longer hold a charge.

“Waste Management requests that the community please remove lithium batteries from toys, tools, electronics, etc. and seek a recycling outlet before placing these items in curbside bins or in their container for refuse pickup.  We urge the community to check their local government for recycling options,” said Tony Franco, area safety manager.

Waste Management makes safety a priority when handling community waste. By working with our customers and exercising additional vigilance around battery disposal, we hope to reduce the risk of fires in our trucks, machinery, and disposal / recycling facilities.

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