Davi Clement brings passion for family law to Dufresne Law Firm

Published 10:20 am Wednesday, December 28, 2022

LAPLACE — Dufresne Law Firm was voted “Best Family Law Firm in the River Parishes” thanks to the efforts of Davi Clement, a smart, compassionate and aggressive newcomer to the field who walks by her clients’ sides during the best and worst times of their lives.

Clement graduated from LSU with her undergrad degree in 2017 and jumped straight into law school, earning her degree in 2020.

“I always knew I wanted to do family law,” Clement said. “I was fortunate enough to interview with Henri Dufresne before graduation, and I started working at Dufresne Law Firm in August 2020. By November 2020, I was doing basically all of the family law here. I have really been enjoying it and will most likely continue to do this for a long time.”

Clement handles everything from child custody and divorce cases to community property partitions, emancipations, voluntary transfers of custody, name changes, step parent adoptions, family relocations, mediations outside of court and more.

“I like when it it’s a great outcome, like when a family is allowed to relocate or we are able to get an adoption done and everyone is happy,” Clement said. “Family law covers so many different things, and there are cases were no one is going to feel like they’ve won. To be there for clients during the ugliest thing they will probably ever go through, it’s important to be professional, and also support them on a personal level to offer comfort.”

While Clement wasn’t practicing prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, she’s observed that any shift from the norm can prompt family law concerns. She said the pandemic, even through 2022, has prompted a lot of uncontested divorces between couples. Likewise, Hurricane Ida prompted many couples to separate and not get back to living together, while long-term evacuations and relocations following the storm spurred issues with child custody agreements.

Clement works primarily in the River Parishes, operating mainly in the St. Charles, St. James and St. John the Baptist district courts. She also practices family law in Jefferson, Tangipahoa and Ascension Parish, where she currently resides.

“Having grown up in St. James Parish and having family in St. John, it’s refreshing to have clients come in and immediately know who your parents and grandparents are. That’s something only the River Parishes can offer,” she said.

As Dufresne Law Firm continues to expand its presence in the River Parishes and beyond, the officer is joining forces with Accardo Law Firm LLC to make the move from 607 Belle Terre Blvd. to a larger office at 325 Belle Terre Blvd.

Legal services will include injury and litigation, business, estate planning and successions, family law, and land and title.

Henri Dufresne said the River Parishes will remain a centralized hub for services as Dufresne Law Firm expands its reach across the state, utilizing teleconferencing to bring in niche attorneys and give clients the best legal representation possible.
“With our growth, we want to maintain a small law firm feel where you know the person coming in,” Dufresne said. “They are going to know their lawyer. Everyone matters, and every legal issue is important to them. I may see 100 a week, but for them, it’s their one, and they deserve the attention and focus that attorney can give them.”

Clement is appreciative of the opportunity to work alongside Dufresne.

“Those who know Henri know he’s a force of nature. I think him and I together offer a lot of passion and energy. We’re a little newer and younger. Our clients are not just numbers or billable hours; we have personal relationships with these people, and we know the intimate details of their lives,” Clement said. “Whether it’s family law, Ida claims, or a succession after a loved one has just passed away, him and I are very similar in wanting our clients to have trust in us. This is just the beginning, and we have such big plans for the future.”