Bulldogs finish 1st in Division II

Published 9:20 am Wednesday, December 14, 2022

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NEW ORLEANS — Coach Jenkins and his Lutcher Bulldogs went to the Superdome Saturday and came home with a trophy as they completed the trifecta of state titles among the River Parishes and became the LHSAA Division II Non-Select champions.

The Bulldogs faced off with the North Desoto Griffins in an impeccable game by the Bulldogs. The game started off with Lutcher receiving the ball. However, the Tigers turned over on downs, which set up the Griffins for the first touchdown of the game. With the score of 7-0 on the board and a 25-yard pass from Winfield to Marcell, the Bulldogs finally scored towards the end of the first quarter to even the playing field 7-7.

The second quarter would be just as big a fight as the first. The Griffins, having started their drive down the field at the end of the first, came up again with a touchdown early in the second quarter but a failed field goal to make the score 13-7 with 10:55 on the clock. The Bulldogs had another drive but turned over the ball on downs. Then Griffin began their drive, but not for long. The Bulldogs’ Long made an interception that resulted in an 88-yard drive, but the Bulldogs couldn’t capitalize. The Griffins regained possession with only 1:27 left until the half with the score at the end the half of 13-7 in favor of the Griffins.

The third quarter got more intense as the Griffins came in and scored again at 8:22 with a one-yard run touchdown to increase the numbers 19-7 over the Bulldogs. But the Bulldogs would not go down without a fight, and they came back and answered with a four-yard touchdown by Winfield to add seven more points to the score, 14-19. The third quarter ended with the same score. However, the fourth quarter got hotter as Winfield completed a 50-yard pass to Johnson for a Bulldogs touchdown, which put Lutcher in the lead for the first time in the game.

With a score of 21-19, the Griffins tried to make a drive, but within about a minute and a half, turned over the ball on downs. The Lutcher magic built up as they marched up the field towards another touchdown. Another completed pass by Winfield to Johnson for 25 yards resulted in the increase in score by the Bulldogs, with the score now 28-19. With three minutes left in the game, North Desoto began their journey up the field to try to come back. However, another interception, this time by Lutcher’s Brown, guaranteed the win for the Bulldogs.