Kenner Police: Officers rescue multiple occupants from sinking vehicle

Published 7:36 am Monday, December 5, 2022

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On Friday, November 25th, at approximately 1:10 AM, a vehicle with 2 adults and a small child were involved in a single car accident on I-10 eastbound near the Williams Blvd exit which left the vehicle sinking in a “sludge pit” in a construction zone. Motorists called 9-1-1 and KPD Officer Clarence Carr responded within 2 minutes. Officer Carr found the vehicle sinking in the sludge and observed it to be occupied. Officer Carr went into the sludge, assessed the situation and condition of the occupants and called for assistance. He then started pulling occupants out of the vehicle. As Officer Carr was freeing the occupants and moving them to safety, water was filling the car and the car continued to sink. Officer Carr had to cut one unresponsive passenger from the vehicle. Officer Carr was assisted by Officers Hermann, Lawler, Washington, Varela and firefighters from the Kenner Fire Department who also went into the water and helped move the passengers out of danger. All occupants were transported to University Medical Center and were stabilized. Chief Conley commends the swift and heroic actions of these Kenner Police Officers and Kenner Firefighters who rescued these occupants and undoubtedly saved their lives.