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Published 9:30 am Sunday, November 27, 2022

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Metairie, LA (Grassroots Newswire)  – The holiday season is only weeks away, but home and business owners still have time to plan and execute an “ahh-worthy” outdoor lighting display, says outdoor decorating pro Tony Gugliuzza of Christmas Decor by Terminix of New Orleans, a franchise member of the Christmas Decor network. “The key,” says Gugliuzza, “is to start with a plan. With the right plan in place, you can create maximum impact with minimal effort.”

To create a plan that is right for your home or business and your budget, Gugliuzza advises:

  1. Find your decor focal point
    Identify your property’s most attractive features – a porch, the front door, some shrubs or a perfect tree – and focus attention there with garlands, greenery, and lights.
  2. Complete the look
    Now, complete the look, if you choose to, by enhancing other areas of your property, including the space around it. Outline windows or rooflines with lights or tuck some subtle hints of color into the landscape to compliment your focal point design.
  3. Keep your decor simple
    Know when to stop. Too many themes and colors will detract from your focal point. A clean, uncluttered display is more attractive, safer, more cost-effective and it comes with a bonus – reduced stress!

“Each new holiday season brings a ‘latest thing’ in outdoor lighting and decor,” says Gugliuzza, “but the classic looks are always a great choice, too. If you do want to go for that ‘standout’ look for your property this year, there is still time to work with a professional decorating firm like Christmas Decor.”

Christmas Decor outdoor lighting specialists use exclusive professional-grade lighting and decor options not available to the everyday consumer and have access to the latest in lighting trends and displays. Their full-service approach includes maintaining displays throughout the holidays and removing and storing lights and decor when the holidays are over. “We offer an affordable alternative to taking on outdoor decor chores yourself, and our end-to-end approach frees you up to enjoy the whole holiday season, including the time before and after,” adds Gugliuzza.

Members of the Christmas Decor Franchise Network have been decorating homes and businesses since 1986 and now create dazzling outdoor holiday displays in more than 350 markets in 49 states and Canada each holiday season. This extensive network ensures that each franchise has access to the latest trends in holiday outdoor lighting and decor to meet their clients’ vision and budget. For more information on having Christmas Decor decorate your home or business, or to schedule an appointment for a consultation or installation, please contact Tony Gugliuzza of Christmas Decor by Terminix of New Orleans at (504) 247-5141 or tgugliuzza@terminixno.com. You can also learn more at www.christmasdecor.net.

About Christmas Decor
Since its inception in 1986, Christmas Decor has risen to become the premier holiday lighting and decorating company in North America. The Texas-based company was founded by Blake Smith as an off-season supplement to his landscape business and as a method to provide year-round work for employees. Christmas Decor quickly emerged as a viable business opportunity and today, operates in more than 350 markets in 49 states and Canada. Plans are underway to open locations in more than 40 new markets through franchise expansion in select communities around the country. Christmas Decor is highly revered in its field and has received consistent recognition for its efforts. The company was included in the 2021 Franchise Times Top 400 franchise list and the 2022 Entrepreneur Top 500 franchise list in both the overall category and the Top 25 Best Franchises You Can buy for $25,000 or Less category. For more information, visit www.christmasdecor.net.