Michel: One day we’ll see her dancing again

Published 2:17 am Wednesday, November 2, 2022

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Last week I almost made it through the fourth anniversary of my sister Kay’s death without tears. Then I read so many kind words from friends honoring her life and cried.

Four years ago, my prayer wasn’t answered the way I wanted it to be and the plans I had for Kay’s future on earth ended.

Four years ago, I asked God to wrap His healing arms of comfort around me and my family so tightly that it would keep our hearts from breaking and warm us amid the cold reality of grief.

Four years ago, I limped into a new level of worship when I chose to praise God through the pain.

Today I still miss Kay. I miss her smile, infectious laugh, ability to create and sing a song on the spot, and her eagerness to dance anywhere and at any time. There’s a video of her dancing with my granddaughter Olivia in Sicily’s restaurant. Around them are my dad, nephew Tim, and other family members talking and eating and doing what other people normally do. But this was our normal. This was our Kay.

To win over my granddaughter Adeline, Kay told her, “If you say you love me, I’ll dance.” So every time she was around, Adeline shouted, “Aunt Kay, I love you!” And Kay would dance.

The day before she died, Kay told her daughter Brandi, “I’m going dancing.”

After Kay’s death, my son-in-law Frank said, “I wonder how many times God is saying, ‘Kay, I love you,’ just to watch her dance.”

One day we will all be together again – talking, laughing, and probably watching Kay dance.

Until then I’ll continue to hold Kay’s limitless love, joy and generosity as my example, and daily worship God for the gift of eternal life.


Ronny Michel can be reached at rmichel@rtconline.com.