1st & 10 with Britten Dean, SCC Class of 2023

Published 2:07 am Wednesday, October 26, 2022



Get to know Britten Dean, St. Charles Catholic Class of 2023, defensive line and offensive lineman. I had the opportunity to sit and visit with this outstanding player from the Comets. Let’s get up close and personal with Mr. Dean

NNPR: Tell me what age it was when you started playing football?

Britten: I started playing as a 5 or 6 years old for the Mimosa Mustangs.

NNPR: Let the people know what it’s like to play football for the St. Charles Comets.

Britten: Playing for the Comets is awesome. I wouldn’t change it for the world. I made many friendships and relationships that will last my lifetime.

NNPR: Just a random question, do you prefer cakes or pies?

Britten: I really don’t like desserts that much, but if I had to choose, I would take any kind of cake over a pie.

NNPR: Who is your favorite throwback NFL player?

Britten: I would have to say Ray Lewis. I feel like he plays with heart and passion and I always wanted to model the way he played.

NNPR: Without, getting you in any trouble (chuckle), who is your role model and why would you choose them?

Britten: My family…my mom, dad and sister. I choose my mom for always being there and being my cheerleader. I choose my dad for exemplifying to me how to be a man and teaching me how to play the game. I choose my sister, who I lost at 18, for being a fighter in her situation.

NPPR: I understand that you are a two-sport athlete, football and baseball. We know that you have won championships in both sports. Let us know how you felt with each one in that moment.

Britten: In football, I felt relieved for finally overcoming the win against a team we fell to twice in the same situation each year. In baseball, I was on an emotional rollercoaster. To finally win a championship that we had tried to do as freshman, really gave me a great feeling.

NNPR: In your opinion, which one can you do without, fishing or hunting?

Britten: I would have to say fishing. Hunting gives me an adrenaline rush similar to football.

NNPR: Tell me who is your favorite high school football playing and what made you want to play this game?

Britten: My favorite high school player was Pooka Williams from Hahnville High School. Attending Hahnville High School on Friday nights and watching Pooka play gave him inspiration to want to play football.

NNPR: What is it like playing for Coach Stein vs Coach Monica here at St. Charles Catholic?

Britten: Coach Monica taught me everything I needed to know as a lineman. He taught him about being a lineman as well as a great football player. Coach Stein is younger and more of a player’s coach, he knows what players want.

NNPR: After football, what would you like to do when all the sports are gone?

Britten: I would like to remain around a sport, try to pursue something in coaching, broadcasting, or in the physical therapy aspect of the game.

We would like thank Mr. Dean for his time. We are truly excited to see what the future holds for him and the St Charles Comets this season. You can see this amazing young man and the Comets on Friday nights at the Frank Monica Field. This week, they will take on Country Day in Metairie as they look to improve their current record of 5-3. Good luck to you, Mr. Dean, in all your endeavors and have a wonderful senior year!