Upcoming move allows Dufresne Law Firm to expand services

Published 12:23 am Wednesday, October 12, 2022

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LAPLACE — Dufresne Law Firm and Accardo Law Firm LLC will soon join forces at 325 Belle Terre Blvd. in LaPlace, forming a conglomerate that will allow for expanded legal services in the River Parishes while maintaining a client-focused approach.

The 7,000 square foot building at 325 Belle Terre Blvd. will initially be set up with 12 new offices, expected to accommodate four more full-time attorneys and additional staff by the end of the year. Legal services will include the following divisions: injury and litigation, business, estate planning and successions, family law, and land and title.

Henri Dufresne said both Dufresne Law Firm and State Title will be moving to 325 Belle Terre Blvd. to allow for future growth in a larger, more accommodating space.

“We’ve just outgrown the space we are in now, and there is a need to provide more services and to expand to better serve everyone,” Dufresne said. “In order to grow, we have to both expand our physical footprint and use new technologies and innovations that will allow us to expand beyond the River Parishes.”

According to Dufresne, the River Parishes will serve as a centralized hub even as legal services are expanded across the state. Dufresne’s partnership with Attorney Sammy Accardo is already deeply rooted within the community. Dufresne and Accardo will continue to work closely with family law manager Davi Clement, who has experience assisting individuals with custody, divorces and other matters.

With today’s technology, attorneys can communicate directly through client management systems to issue automatic updates. According to Dufresne, teleconferencing will also be utilized with a goal to expand accessibility to specialized attorneys from across the country.

“By bringing in niche attorneys, we can ensure our clients are getting the best representation possible without ever leaving the River Parishes,” Dufresne said. “With our growth, we want to maintain a small law firm feel where you know the person coming in. They are going to know their lawyer. Everyone matters, and every legal issue is important to them. I may see 100 a week, but for them, it’s their one, and they deserve the attention and focus that attorney can give them.”

Additional information will be shared when the move is complete. For more information about Dufresne Law Firm, call 985-359-1239 or visit https://showstopperlaw.com/