While Biden Strangles Domestic Energy, OPEC Cuts Petroleum Production

Published 7:21 am Monday, October 10, 2022

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In what sane world does a nation kill its own domestic energy industry—and national security—while at the same time it sells its emergency reserves to its enemies and then begs hostile actors and enemies of the U.S. to increase their oil production to fill this gap?

 This past week—with the Biden Administration begging them not to—Saudi Arabia and its allies in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) voted to cut their oil production by 2 million barrels a day.  These nations want higher prices on the global oil market and, as everyone knows—including the Climate Change Religionists in the Biden Administration—when you reduce the supply of a product, the price increases where demand is constant or increasing.

Unsurprisingly, oil prices have been rising since the announcement of the OPEC production cuts and those cuts will—once again—drive up the price of gas for American families already struggling with 40-year high Biden-inflation.

This is all just too stupid for words.

Let’s look back.

In Pres. Trump’s last month in office, Jan. 2021, America was producing more oil than it was consuming for the first time in 50 years and was exporting energy to the European Union.  The Trump Administration had made America energy independent, meaning we not only were providing for our own national energy needs but, in fact, had become a net exporter of energy to other nations who are also vulnerable to Russian President Vladimir Putin through their dependence on Russian oil.

However, under the Biden Administration we’ve gone from energy independence back to dependence and are now reduced to begging Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, OPEC and perhaps even our archenemy, Iran, for oil.


Mostly to satisfy the green energy delusions of the Climate Change Religionists.  It’s an embarrassing and untenable position for the world’s only superpower to be in.

As the Wall Street Journal previously observed, “in the year since the Biden Administration froze new drilling leases on 26% of federal land and more than a third of the nation’s resources in productivity, the U.S. has been falling further from energy independence, putting national security at risk. (WSJ, Harold Hamm, 3-13-22).

The fundamental question remains: knowing as we do that energy security is national security, why would our government ever choose to be dependent on—and therefore vulnerable to—foreign nations who hate us for our energy needs?

Additionally, let’s not forget that we are also now selling our emergency oil capacity from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) to other nations including China.

Obviously, the point of having a national energy reserve is to support our country if an energy shortfall arises.  That’s why we should be protecting our national stockpile and not selling our strategic crude reserves to the Chinese Communist Party.  Otherwise, the reserve will be depleted when America is faced with an energy emergency.  However, after six months of the Biden Administration’s misusing the emergency reserves in the SPR, our nation’s emergency oil reserve is at a 40-year low.

As U.S. Senator John Kennedy has stated “America’s strategic petroleum reserve protects our country during national emergencies.  Selling off American oil to countries that hate us undermines the security that the oil reserve is supposed to deliver …”

In short, the fastest and easiest way to provide hope to millions of struggling Americans and drive the domestic energy market up is for President Biden to announce tomorrow that we are going to re-invigorate the U.S. oil and gas industry.   This includes repealing all so-called “green” regulations prohibiting the production and development of, and investment in, American energy.

We are not going to be able to be free of fossil fuels for decades if not generations.  Renewable energy sources can’t come anywhere near meeting America’s energy needs right now.  In the meantime, the self-inflicted harm the Green leftists are doing to our country is increasing the leverage over us of Russia, China, and Iran, making us vulnerable and compromised.

This governmental malpractice and policy insanity must end now.

Again, in what sane world does a nation kill its own domestic energy industry—and national security—while at the same time it sells its emergency reserves to its enemies and then begs hostile actors and enemies of the U.S. to increase their oil production to fill this gap?

I believe in the Congressional Elections on November 8, Louisianians and all Americans will make their objections to this insanity heard loud and clear.

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