(The Center Square) — The 2023 Louisiana gubernatorial race started with a big announcement Wednesday. Republican Attorney General Jeff Landry says he’s running for the state’s highest office.

The attorney general and former congressman made the announcement in a video shared on both Facebook and Twitter.

“What we have in Louisiana right now is a complete crisis of leadership and a lack of priorities,” Landry said in the video. “We deserve a government as good as our people and we’re not getting it.”

Democrat Gov. John Bel Edwards is constitutionally prohibited from running for a third term, so the field in the 2023 gubernatorial race will be wide open.

“As the son of a school teacher, I think it’s a sin that 74% of fourth graders can’t read like they should. Nearly 80% of eighth graders can’t do basic math,” Landry said. “We have some liberal school boards and radical school leaders forcing political philosophy into the classroom.

“Meanwhile, they’re failing to teach our kids the very basics and they’re cutting parents out of the process at the same time. I believe the most important voice in a child’s education is the parent.”

Another issue covered by the St. Martinville native was the exploding crime rates in the state’s biggest cities of New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Monroe and Shreveport.

“Incompetent mayors and woke district attorneys are playing a dangerous game of catch and release,” Landry said. “In New Orleans, people are scared to pump gas or walk to their cars. Our capital city has one of the highest murder rates in the nation and other cities around our state are not far behind.

“If those chosen to run those cities won’t act, won’t protect their citizens and follow our laws, then real leaders need to step in. I’m sick of our big cities being run like Third World nations.”