Public Service Commission Race: Why is it important?

Published 5:30 am Wednesday, September 14, 2022

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The District 3 Primary Election date is November 8, 2022. A public forum will be held at the St. James Parish Library (Lutcher branch), located at 1879 W. Main St. in Lutcher on Wednesday, September 21, 2022.

District 3 Includes:

  • Ascension*
  • Assumption
  • East Baton Rouge*
  • Iberville*
  • Jefferson*
  • Orleans*
  • Charles*
  • James,
  • John Baptist
  • West Baton Rouge*

* Please note, some parishes are divided according to precincts. Refer to Act 23 of the 2011 first extraordinary session.

So “What is the Public Service Commission,” you ask? Basically, the Public Service Commission is a group of politicians that help to make sure that fair rules and proper services are in place between you, the customer and the utility companies. Here is why this year’s race is so important. High Utility Bills!!! The following complaints have been filed in different parts of the state.

  • Double billed or over billed (sewage and water)
  • High storm damage and maintenance fees
  • High increase by percentage in electric bills
  • Hard process of obtaining storm preparedness and recovery funds
  • High Gas Prices STILL Climbing

To add to the burden of the public

  • High home insurance rates
  • Insurance payout disputes
  • Rental/utility assistance obstacles
  • Hard process to receive government assistance (FEMA, Food Stamps, WIC, Unemployment, etc.)

Louisiana government and others are pushing for solutions, for example:

  • Solar plant projects
  • Wind projects along the Gulf
  • Monitoring industrial consumption of utilities
  • Other environmentally friendly projects

Who will lead us into a better future with lower utility bills in DISTRICT 3? Your vote will determine who will be that person. The list of candidates are as follows:

  • Lambert Boissiere III
  • Willie Jones
  • Davante Lewis
  • Gregory Manning
  • Jesse Thompson

YOUR VOTE will determine the future of YOUR UTILITY BILLS!!!


For more information: Call Elections Hotline 1-800-883-2805 or visit Louisiana Secretary Of State website SOS.LA.GOV and click on “Elections And Information.”