Letter to the Editor

Published 5:24 am Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Dear Editor,

People come to America because America is considered the land of opportunity among immigrants because the country is able to provide them with a variety of life options that they would not have had in other countries, such as economic stability and educational resources. It’s the time of year again when colorful signs litter lawns with the names of school board candidates. You see them throughout St. John with some new faces added to the list of candidates.

Candidates are trying to get your attention with catchy phrases like time for new visions, and some just say running on record (look at the records).

For too long citizens have asked how important is it to vote in local elections, Yes, is the answer to All Voters and Tax Payers of St. John. We have got to be more involved in the growing of the parish which begin with Education.

“It will take some work, it can be as simple as going to a school board meeting or talking to friends and family to see what they know about the candidates and their transparency,accountability, communication (TAC) skills. Our system needs to be more involved in letting the communities know what is going on; not just when there is a need for an election to help with Capital Projects, might we remind them that the Children of this parish is most important Project that needs All of our Attention at All Times.

St. John starting with Quality Education for every child in this parish, ensuring that the idea of Equity and Equality is not confused. And educators already know the difference between equality and equity is extremely important when it comes to policy decisions and education legislation.

In the simplest terms, equity refers to an idea of fairness, while equality refers to an idea of sameness. Equality =Sameness

Essentially, equality in education means that every student gets the same resources and opportunities. This could refer to the same funding for all schools, the same quality of abundance of materials and facilities, and/or the same quality of instruction.

Equity =Fairness

Equity, though, means that every student gets the kinds of opportunities and resources they need depending on their specific situation.

Reality Check, “Both Equity and Equality are Crucial in Education “. Keep copies of everything sent home and whatever you send to the schools.

school board meeting Thursday, September 15,2022, Hope to see you there.

Citizen Jean

Carolyn (Jeannie) Batiste