Michel: Your environment can shape you

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, September 7, 2022

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It happens every time. When I place myself in certain environments, I become motivated to do more.

When I attend sporting events, on the drive home I decide my husband and I need season tickets. When I walk in the gym, regardless of how lazy I felt before, I look at the equipment and want to work out. And recently, handing out popsicles during recess at the school my granddaughters attend had me wishing I taught again. On a much deeper level, the same thing happens when I attend church. I want to become even more involved, not just in the service of the church, but in my relationship with God.

I’m fortunate to attend a church which offers online services to those unable to participate in person. This was invaluable during COVID lockdowns, sickness or any other time I was unable to go to church. As grateful as I am for this option, being in church is just better. I’m not distracted and participating in worship is much easier for me.

A survey last year revealed only 47% of Americans are members of a house of worship. In 2000, the number was 70%. Now, I agree with those who say, “I can worship God anytime, anywhere.” It’s true, and I am one of those who enjoy a relationship with God outside of a church building.  However, being part of a church community allows me to join others in acts of service, spiritual growth and worship of our God.

If you’re part of the 47%, invite someone to church with you. And if you’re invited, give it a try.


Ronny Michel can be reached at rmichel@rtconline.com.