Rix Quinn – My favorite meal

Published 12:30 pm Sunday, September 4, 2022

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Bill forgot to take his reading glasses to the restaurant, and he accidentally ordered a well-done gratuity. – Quinn Quacks


If there are flying saucers in outer space, do you think there could be flying cups too? – Quinn Quacks

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Rix Quinn – My favorite meal

.    Here’s a great question from a Texas reader: “Why is the pizza round, the box square, and the slices cut into triangles?”

     This is a complicated question for me. In school, I had so much trouble with geometry they put me in a simpler class called “Meet Mr. Number Guy.”

     So, I asked several people about this, and here’s what they told me. (What they didn’t tell me, I made up.)

     First, the square box. These are easier and less expensive because they can be made from one sheet of flat cardboard. That means they can be stored easier, too.

     This is just basic logic. It’s like asking “Why are wheels round?” Wheels are round because square wheels don’t get good mileage.

     So – regarding roundness – why are pizzas that way? I’m told that chefs stretch pizza by taking a lump of dough, and spinning it in the air.

     Centrifugal force rounds the dough out. I tried to spin pizza dough, but I dropped it on the floor, which sadly just flattened it.

     Finally, why is round pizza cut into triangles? Slicing triangles is the easiest way to divide a circle. This way, pizza can be divided evenly, and each person gets some crust.

     But, did you know that in ancient times, pizza resembled a flatbread cooked in an oven? Flat, rectangular pizza has some advantages, too. For instance, if you don’t like crust, you can eat a juicy middle piece filled with toppings.

     Writing about pizza made me so hungry, I bought me a big round one. I’ll enjoy it for dinner tonight…and maybe tomorrow morning with coffee, too.

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