State Fire Marshal’s Office: Oil & water don’t mix

Published 8:15 am Wednesday, August 17, 2022

A recent fire investigation in Walker has sparked the need for a fire safety reminder regarding cooking oil and water.
An apartment complex resident reported setting a pot of oil on the stove and getting distracted. She returned to the kitchen to find the oil overflowing and on fire. The resident then moved the pot to the sink and turned the water on.
That mixture created a flash fire that, fortunately, did not injure her, but did set off the building’s fire sprinkler and alarm system, as designed. She was able to put the fire out successfully with a fire extinguisher she kept in her kitchen.
The SFM wants to share this story to ensure families know 👩‍🍳OIL AND 💧WATER 💥DON’T MIX🔥
➡️If you experience a grease or oil fire, and it’s small, put a top over the pot or pan to suffocate it and turn off the stove.
➡️If you have a fire extinguisher (Class K specifically), that’s another method to address a grease or oil fire while it’s still manageable.
➡️But if the fire is large and out of control, get out of the house and call 911 ASAP!