Local musician secures contract for film & television

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 6, 2022

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LAPLACE — LaPlace musician Gino Joubert has been making major strides in his career, from a new licensing contract to an upcoming event with the River Parishes Tourist Commission.

Joubert secured a contract with Song & Film, a one-stop licensing service that allows the artist to keep all of their publishing. This contract allows for Joubert to easily get his music into movies and television going forward.

“Song & Film provides a lot of stuff from both TV and big screen, so they’ll offer a price and we’ll agree to it, and then it gets credits in whatever it gets placed in,” Joubert said.

“One-stops” such as Song & Film allow musicians to only have to contact one party to clear their music for film and television. This is much simpler than the alternative where there can be a lot of red tape to cut through.

“It’s a lot more difficult and many of them won’t even get accepted because of that,” Joubert said. “The reason is that they have a lot of time constraints. When it’s one-stop, they know they only have to clear it with one person.”

According to Joubert, this contract is a big deal for his career.

“It’s huge because everything’s professionally done, so it’s such an accomplishment,” Joubert said.

As soon as Joubert’s music is credited in film and television, he will receive benefits from exposure and royalties.

“The main thing is just getting accepted to where you have film credits for that song, and then you’ll always have the life of that placement,” Joubert said. “You get your royalties for as long as that’s being played, whether it be soundtrack or some other media.”

On top of the new contract, Joubert will be participating in an upcoming event with the River Parishes Tourist Commission that will highlight select Louisiana musicians.

“Towards the end of the year, the River Parishes will have two locations that are music-centric. They’ll have kiosks there that have music playing from past, present and future,” Joubert said.

The date of this event has yet to be announced.

As for the future of Joubert’s career, he is continuing to make music, starting with going to the studio to record a new single.

“Where my direction is going is continuing to build a library of stuff that is post-production ready and cleared for TV,” Joubert said.

Joubert is also in the process of setting up a tour.

“The only thing stopping us from doing that right now is spending a little more time in the studio so we can continue putting out more of a sound so that people can see the direction I’m going musically,” Joubert said.

Joubert’s music can be found on YouTube, Spotify, Amazon, iHeart Radio, iTunes, Pandora and other music outlets. More information on Joubert’s music can be found on his website, www.ginojoubertmusic.com.