St. James Sheriff’s Office no longer publishing booking photos

Published 3:05 pm Tuesday, June 21, 2022

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CONVENT — Booking photographs that were published or posted at the time an individual was arrested will no longer be published and posted, the St. James Parish Sheriff’s Office announced.

Due to recent legislation approved by the Louisiana Legislature, specifically House Bill No. 729, the St. James Parish Sheriff’s Office is prohibited from publishing booking photographs, “mugshots” when an individual is arrested. This legislation applies to photographs linked to our website under “Parish Prison Inmates” and photographs published on social media outlets.

There are exemptions to the legislation, which include fugitives and releasing or disseminating the booking photograph will assist in apprehension; the individual is an imminent threat to another person or to public safety; ordered by a judge; individual is being charged with a crime of violence under R.S. 14:2(B); or individual is charged with sex offenses or cruelty to animals.

St. James Sheriff’s Office will continue to publish news articles, including on social media.