The little details matter

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 15, 2022

My brother Matt and my husband Michael have disagreed once in 47 years. It was about 28 years ago when Matt was installing laminate floors in our home. He had glued and braced the last plank of the day and left instructions. “Don’t take the brace off or the planks will separate.”

Michael later decided enough time had passed and removed the clamp. The plank moved overnight, and the next day Matt saw the teeniest, tiniest space between those two planks.

“I can’t finish this,” Matt said. “Look at that space.”

“It’s a floor,” Michael said. “We walk on it. That space doesn’t matter.”

It mattered to Matt.

I intervened, Michael promised to let Matt do the work his way, and the floor was finished. The details of his work matter to Matt, and I believe they matter to God.

Solomon, recorded in the Bible as the wisest person who has ever lived, once had a visit from the Queen of Sheba. The story, written in 1 Kings 10, informs us that she had many questions, and Solomon answered them all.

I’d love to know those questions and answers, but God chose not to include them in the Bible. We do learn the Queen of Sheba was overwhelmed not only by Solomon’s wisdom, but by the food served, the servants’ clothing, and the stairway. She took notice of the things others may have walked past – or walked on.

The story assures me that God notices our work, and it encourages me to strive to do my best in every area. Whether your assignment is raising children, preaching, carpentry, dentistry or any of the many other callings God issues, nothing is mundane when done for God’s glory.

Matt and Michael agree on that.


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