Speak of the House comments on Justice Department investigation

Published 7:13 am Friday, June 10, 2022

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House Speaker Clay Schexnayder said, “We’re glad to see the United States Department of Justice has decided to broaden their investigation into the circumstances surrounding and following the death of Ronald Greene, as well as other questionable cases within the Office of State Police, to uncover the truth and circumstances surrounding recent incidents. We believe new information uncovered through the House created special committee has played a major role in this decision by the DOJ to take action nearly three years after the Ronald Greene incident. While we have the utmost respect and regard for our Louisiana state troopers, we also understand that there are times when shining a light on questionable behavior by some must take place. We will see our commitment through and continue to hold hearings in our search for the truth surrounding the death of Ronald Greene and hold accountable those responsible.”