SJSO arrest reports from 5/27-6/2

Published 10:30 am Monday, June 6, 2022

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The Information Is Provided Pursuant To The Public Records Act. Nothing Contained Herein Is Intended To Imply Or Infer The Guilt Or Wrongdoing Of Any Person(S) Listed. This List Simply Reflects The Fact That These Individuals Have Been Arrested. All Persons Listed Are Assumed Innocent Unless Proven Guilty In A Court Of Law.



Dale Francis Blouin          57

408 East Maple Loop, LaPlace

Bench Warrant 2021-Cr-114 Contempt Of Court (Felony)

John Elige Granger III       46

24354 Michael Road, Robert

14:63 – Criminal Trespass – Immovable Property

14:56 – Simple Criminal Damage To Property – $1000-$50,000 (Felony)

14:67 – Theft – $1000 – $5,000 (Felony)

Andrika Anisha Duhe        34

537 Greenwood Drive, LaPlace

Attachment 2020-Mm-65157 Contempt Of Court (Misdemeanor)

Attachment 2016-Cr-178 Contempt Of Court (Felony)

Attachment 2020-Mm-65157 Contempt Of Court (Misdemeanor)

Duhe Kellie Nichel       43

168 Buster Street, Garyville

Attachment 2020-Cr-283 Contempt Of Court (Felony)

Attachment 2020-Tr-595398 Contempt Of Court (Misdemeanor)

Attachment 2019-Tr-583666 Contempt Of Court (Misdemeanor)

Attachment 2019-Mm-64042 Contempt Of Court (Misdemeanor)

Attachment 2021-Tr-608484 Contempt Of Court (Misdemeanor)

Dennis D. Mcmurray         43

1383 Berwick Castle Drive, Liberty, Ms

Bench Warrant 2014-Cs-53444 Contempt Of Court (Misdemeanor)

Askea Wandell Jose Armant        21

225 Oxbow Drive, LaPlace

Bench Warrant 2021-Mm-65647 Contempt Of Court (Misdemeanor)

Bench Warrant 2021-Cr-84 Contempt Of Court (Felony)

Larry Dale Jarrell Sr.       41

949 Whitlow Court, LaPlace

Bench Warrant 2022-Tr-609139 Contempt Of Court (Misdemeanor)

Attachment 2015-Mm-59267 Contempt Of Court (Misdemeanor)

Attachment 2016-Mm-59344 Contempt Of Court (Misdemeanor)

Attachment 2016-Mm-59421 Contempt Of Court (Misdemeanor)

Attachment 2019-Mm-63127 Contempt Of Court (Misdemeanor)

Attachment 2015-Mm-59210 Contempt Of Court (Misdemeanor)

Attachment 2020-Mm-65406 Contempt Of Court (Misdemeanor)

Attachment 2018-Mm-61983 Contempt Of Court (Misdemeanor)

Attachment 2017-Mm-61292 Contempt Of Court (Misdemeanor)

Attachment 2019-Mm-63571 Contempt Of Court (Misdemeanor)


Tyronne Smith         41

6881 Parc Brittany 206a, New Orleans

Fugitive Warrant For West Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office

Attachment 2019-Tr-581557 Contempt Of Court (Misdemeanor)

Aretha Maire Miller           53

1113 North Sugar Ridge Drive, LaPlace

Bench Warrant 2022-Mm-66831 Contempt Of Court (Misdemeanor)

Bench Warrant 2020-Mm-64409 Contempt Of Court (Misdemeanor)

Bench Warrant 2020-Mm-64364 Contempt Of Court (Misdemeanor)

Judicial Warrant I22001635 For:

14:67 – Theft – Less Than $1000 (Misdemeanor)

14:37 – Aggravated Assault (Misdemeanor)

Nicholas Holmes III                        24

172 West 8th Street, Reserve

14:35.3 – Domestic Abuse Battery (Misdemeanor)


Dwayne Matthew Vernon           38

512 Revere Drive, LaPlace

Bench Warrant 2022-Tr-609750

Bench Warrant 2022-Tr-609881 Contempt Of Court (Misdemeanor)

Attachment 2022-Tr-609209 Contempt Of Court (Misdemeanor)]

Michael Charles Ballansaw             31

384 Fairway Drive, LaPlace

Bench Warrant 2022-Cr-184 Contempt Of Court (Felony)

Bench Warrant 2020-Cr-60 Contempt Of Court (Felony)

Keion Marquis Bardell Jr.            19

4144 Tulane Drive, Kenner

14:100 – Hit & Run Driving (Misdemeanor)

Sandra Jean Fugate             23

16202 Charleton Drive, Hammond

Fugitive Warrant For New Orleans Police Department

Edwin Garcia 30

16202 Charleton Drive, Hammond

32:51 – Vehicle License Required

32:58 – Careless Operation

32:79 – Driving On Roadway Laned For Traffic

32:52 – Driver Must Be Licensed

14:98.1 – D.W.I. – 1st Offense (Bac .15 To .19) (Misdemeanor)


Male Juvenile       16


14:69 – Illegal Possession Of Stolen Things (Felony)

14:95.8 – Illegal Possession Of A Handgun By A Juvenile (Misdemeanor)

32:52 – Driver Must Be Licensed

Male Juvenile      17


14:69 – Illegal Possession Of Stolen Things (Felony)

Lance Bartholomew              42

2832 Destrehan Avenue, Apartment B., Harvey

40:967 C(1) – Possession Of Crack Cocaine Less Than 28 Grams (Felony)

40:969 C (2) – Possession Of Schedule Iv Cds

40:966 C (1) – Possession Of Mdma (Felony)

Sondrell Perrilloux Campbell      43

1118 Main Street, LaPlace

14:103 – Disturbing The Peace – Offensive, Derisive, Annoying Words To Another (Misdemeanor)

14:56 – Simple Criminal Damage To Property- Under $1000 (Misdemeanor)

James Harvey        55

1508 North Sugar Ridge Drive, LaPlace

14:99 – Reckless Operation Of A Vehicle (Misdemeanor)

32:300 – Possession Of Alcoholic Beverages In Motor Vehicles

14:100 – Hit & Run Driving (Misdemeanor)

14:98.2 – D.W.I. – 2nd Offense (Bac .08 To .15)


Danecka Johnson           31

343 Pine Street, LaPlace

14:35 – Simple Battery (Misdemeanor)

14:56 – Simple Criminal Damage To Property- Under $1000 (Misdemeanor)

Price Alan Pollard         29

116 Comeaux Court, LaPlace

Attachment 2022-Tr-609295 Contempt Of Court (Misdemeanor)

Bench Warrant 2021-Cr-116 Contempt Of Court (Felony)

Jessica Lyntrell Scott           39

1543 Natchez Lane, LaPlace

Judicial Warrant I22000006 For:

40:967 C(1) – Possession Of Methamphetamine Less Than 28 Grams (Felony)

Darnell L Robertson Sr.        56

8784 Houma Drive, LaPlace

Fugitive Warrant F-14-007728 Issued By St. James Parish

Attachment 2019-X-321 Contempt Of Court (Felony)

Wayne Jackson Johnson           41

1308 North Sugar Ridge Road, LaPlace

Bench Warrant 2022-Mm-66830 Contempt Of Court (Misdemeanor)

Kristi Marie Rizzo             41

199 Vicknair Lane, Montz

Bench Warrant 2021-Cr-209 Contempt Of Court (Felony)

Vanecea Marie Lewis 41

6525 Park Manor Drive, Metairie

Fugitive Warrant For Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office

Harry Lee Williams Jr.        21

317 Homewood Place, Reserve

Judicial Warrant I22004154 For:

14:40.1 – Terrorizing (Felony)

Lyndell Michael Joseph            28

111 Ash Street, LaPlace

14:108 – Resisting An Officer By Flight (Misdemeanor)

32:64 – General Speed Law

32:361.1 – View Outward Or Inward Through Windshield Or Windows; Obscuring Prohibited

32:861 – Insurance Required

32:52 – Driver Must Be Licensed

Rebecca Ann Trahan             31

374 Shadow Lane, LaPlace

Bench Warrant 2021-Tr-607679 Contempt Of Court (Misdemeanor)

Attachment 2016-Mm-59406 Contempt Of Court (Misdemeanor)

Attachment 2020-Mm-65348 Contempt Of Court (Misdemeanor)

Alfredesha Georsondie Joseph             40

421 Marvin Gardens, LaPlace

Judicial Warrant I22001112 For:

14:35 – Simple Battery (Misdemeanor)

14:37 – Aggravated Assault (Misdemeanor)


Terraella Janadra Sherrell Dancy       32
1304 Cartier Dr Apt B, LaPlace
Warrant: 2020-Mm-65396 (Contempt Of Court – Misdemeanor)

Angela Renee Johnson                32
2013 N Sugar Ridge, LaPlace
Judicial Judge Warrant I21007670 For:
14:56 – Simple Criminal Damage To Property- Under $1000 (Misdemeanor)

Corey Joseph Jackson      47
2808 Williamsburg Dr, LaPlace
Judicial Judge Warrant I22004168 For:
14:34.9 – Battery Of A Dating Partner 2nd Offense (Felony)
Judicial Judge Warrant I22004168 For:
14:56 – Simple Criminal Damage To Property- Under $1000 (Misdemeanor)

Damall M Tyler                  31
222 E 14th St, Reserve
Warrant: 2018-Cr-33 (Contempt Of Court – Felony)

Bethany Lynniece Williams       20
126 Bait Al, Akers
14:93.2.3 – Second Degree Cruelty To Juveniles (Felony)

Jyrin Demond Tezeno                  31
1937 Yorktowne Drive, LaPlace
Warrant: 2020-Mm-64612 (Contempt Of Court – Misdemeanor)
Judicial Judge Warrant I21009509 For:
14:62.3 -Unauthorized Entry Of An Inhabited Dwelling (Felony)

Trey D Patterson              29
122 Mercury Ln, Reserve
Judicial Judge Warrant I21007616 For:
14:38 – Simple Assault (Misdemeanor)

Joseph Paul Delatte         38
1601 Glendale Dr, LaPlace
Warrant: W09tr397280 (Contempt Of Court -Misdemeanor)
32:415 – Operating Veh. With Suspended License; No License Issued
32:53 – Proper Equipment Required On Vehs; Inspection Tag Required
40:967 – Prohibited Acts–Schedule Ii (Felony)