Keller: Easter is about the Resurrection

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 13, 2022

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Sunday, as we celebrate Easter, most of the focus will be on family gatherings, Easter eggs and other things not really related to what Christians should be celebrating.

Easter is about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, who came to save a lost, confused and hopeless world. This special day is intended to be a refreshing reminder that there is a life beyond this one.  It should be a time for all of us to reflect on the power of the Cross – the Cross where Jesus paid the price for our sins. His Resurrection on the third day assures us that there is life after death.

A few years ago, on my regular early morning walk during the week of Easter, I noticed a house that had a cross in the yard.  The cross was draped with a banner that proclaimed, “He is Risen!”  I recognized the house as one belonging to someone I knew. I called her Easter Sunday and thanked her for being a witness to the community.

As we spoke, she said that at Christmas much is made over the birth of Jesus, but Easter is dominated by bunny rabbits and eggs. I asked her what prompted her to display the cross. She shared with me that while praying the Lord impressed her to erect a cross. She added that, at first, she didn’t obey. “I made a wreath with the message and put it on my front door. While praying that night, the Lord reminded me that He told me to put a cross in my yard, not a wreath on my door.”

As Christians, we talk more about the birth and death of Jesus than we do about the Resurrection.

Sunday, we will celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus. “He is Risen!” as the banner on the cross read.  It’s by His Resurrection that He defeated death. He is alive today – that’s the miracle!

The following song is one that we sing at church:


“He came from Heaven to Earth to show the way;

From the Earth to the Cross, my debt to pay,

From the Cross to the Grave,

From the Grave to the Sky,

Lord, I lift Your name on high.”


Sunday, let’s celebrate His Resurrection and Victory over death!


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