Local author releases Part 2 of ‘Granny the Unstoppable’ series

Published 3:36 pm Tuesday, February 22, 2022

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LAPLACE — Local author Brandi L. Reynaud published her first “Granny the Unstoppable” book in 2020 as a way to help her children mourn the loss of their beloved grandmother.

“Granny the Unstoppable II” will be released on March 10, expanding the story of Granny as she travels Heaven and Earth to protect her grandchildren from the dangers of the world.

This larger-than-life guardian angel is the embodiment of lifelong Reserve resident Christine Gray, who fought valiantly against breast cancer for more than 11 years before she passed away in 2019.

“Part one was written when my mom passed away. I want them to always remember my mom, but at the same time, I wanted to try to band-aid the hurt of her loss. When she passed away in the book, she transitioned into an angel that would protect her loved ones. It made it easier for them to accept that loss,” Reynaud said.

In part two of the Granny the Unstoppable series, Granny teaches her grandson a lesson that all children can learn from.

Reynaud’s three children have grown since the events of the first book, and oldest son Brayden has started middle school. What begins with a school bully giving Brayden the seemingly harmless nickname “Billygoat” quickly spirals as his peers humiliate him in front of the entire school cafeteria.

Brandi L. Reynaud

“I made Brayden into the victim in the book because I wanted to show him how name-calling can affect somebody mentally,” Reynaud said.

Alone in his room, Brayden reaches a breaking point where he starts sweating, screaming and crying so hard that he falls to the floor. When he goes to God in prayer, Granny appears before him.

Granny teaches Brayden that he can’t control the actions of the bullies at school, but he can control his own thoughts and actions.

“This book is for everyone – bullies, victims, parents. When we let others’ opinions control us, we lose ourselves. Granny is teaching Brayden that he knows exactly who he is. She convinces him that he’s stronger than this,” Reynaud said.

Granny the Unstoppable will eventually become a three-part series, with the last book set to release in October. Granny the Unstoppable I has been distributed to all local schools and libraries, and the second book is available to order now on Amazon and at brandi-books.com.

Reynaud also has an upcoming book called “My Daddy Says Pretty Girls Don’t Wear Makeup,” slated to publish on Father’s Day 2022. Geared towards young girls, this book teaches children to appreciate their natural beauty.

While children of all races are included in the vibrant illustrations, all of Reynaud’s books feature Black main characters to promote representation and inspire local youth.

“It’s not to take away from anyone else, but it’s kind of a comfort for my children to see people who look like them,” Reynaud said.

Reynaud’s children enjoy seeing themselves in the stories, particularly in the Granny the Unstoppable series. Their feedback continuously inspires Reynaud as she explores her passion for writing stories that double as life lessons.