SJSO reports uptick in vehicle burglaries & thefts

Published 2:45 pm Tuesday, February 8, 2022

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Recently, the St. John Parish Sheriff’s Office has seen an uptick in vehicle burglaries and thefts.
Sheriff Mike Tregre believes there’s a relatively small group of people, mostly juveniles, who are responsible for most of the parish’s vehicle burglaries.
Sheriff Tregre is stressing that the solution to preventing vehicle break-ins and thefts is a simple one — LOCK YOUR VEHICLE DOORS.
Also, please remove all valuables from your vehicles. Don’t give thieves an opportunity to steal from you.
In 90 percent of vehicle burglaries, the vehicles are unlocked, leading to valuables being stolen from vehicles. In rare instances where forced entry was made, like a window being broken, an item of value was easily seen from the outside.
Criminals look for easy targets and often attempt to burglarize unsecured vehicles. In most of the cases, the thieves are on video going from vehicle to vehicle in parking lots or neighborhoods, checking door handles for unlocked vehicles. By locking your vehicle and removing valuables, residents have a much better chance of not being a victim of vehicle burglary and theft.
Also, remind your friends, family and neighbors to make sure their vehicles are locked.
Here are a few other reminders to prevent vehicle burglaries:
Keep your valuables, especially guns, out of sight or locked in the trunk.
Don’t store valuables in the obvious places such as a console or glove compartment.
Roll up the windows and lock your car when you park.
Park your car in a busy and well-lit area.
Use alarms or anti-theft devices, whenever possible.
Don’t leave your keys in your vehicle.
If you see someone or something suspicious, call 911.
If you think you may have information about recent vehicle burglaries in the parish, please call the St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff’s Office TIPS line at 985-359-TIPS or the Criminal Investigations Division at 985-359-8769. Citizens can also submit tips on the Sheriff’s Office website at