Freeze warning issued for Friday night

Published 2:54 pm Friday, January 21, 2022

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HAHNVILLE – The National Weather Service has issued a freeze warning effective tonight, Friday, January 21, at 11 p.m. through 9 a.m. Saturday morning. A freeze watch will be in effect at 11 p.m. Saturday, January 22 through 9 a.m. Sunday.

Residents are asked to take precautions to protect people, pets, pipes and plants.  

Water System Freeze Precautions 

·         Exposed pipes should be wrapped with insulation, towels, newspaper or old clothing and shielded from the wind with plyboard, felt roofing, plastic or cardboard.  

·         Residents are reminded to NOT drip faucets as a drip can cause a loss of pressure and a drop of quality in the water system.  

·         To keep meters from freezing, keep the meter box cover in place with the lid closed.  

Pet Safety 

·         If you are cold, your pet is cold. Keep your pets inside with you and your family. Residents must bring outdoor dogs inside or must have a raised house with hay and an external heat source. No pet should be left outside for long periods of time in below-freezing weather.  

·         According to state statute 102.1(c) it is simple cruelty to not provide proper shelter. If a dog is out for an extended period of time in freezing weather, call 985-783-5050 to dispatch the Sheriff’s Office. After verification, animal control is dispatched.  

Heater & Fire Safety  

·         Be cautious when using a space heater and do not leave the heater unattended. A heater should be placed a minimum of 3-5 feet from combustible objects and flammable materials, such as blankets.  

·         Ensure your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are functioning properly.  

Plant Protection 

·         Water soil thoroughly (except around succulents). Wet soil holds heat better than dry soil, protecting roots and warming air near the soil.  

·         Bed sheets, drop cloths, blankets and plastic sheets make suitable coverings for plants. Remove the coverings when temperatures rise.