St. James Parish Hurricane Ida Recovery Updates 09/15

Published 4:50 pm Thursday, September 16, 2021

St. James Parish Hurricane Ida Recovery Updates

September 15, 2021

Latest Entergy Update on Power Restoration in St. James Parish 

Number of outages as of 11 am: 685 – 7% of customers remain without power.

  • All feeders in St. James Parish remain energized and crews are responding to the remaining scattered outages.


  • Majority of current outages are due to repairs being required to the particular home or business.


  • As a reminder, if your neighborhood has power but your home does not, please check for damages to your electrical equipment attached to your home.


  • If your electric equipment appears undamaged, text OUT to 36778 or call 1-800-9OUTAGE.

Garbage Collection:

  • Continuing to run Monday and Tuesday like normal, with Wednesdays serving as a makeup day for Monday and Tuesday.
  • Thursday and Friday routes will be made up on Saturday if needed.
  • WM staff are addressing areas with poor pick up.

Storm Debris Pick Up:

  • By Friday DRC is supposed to have an additional 20 trucks operating in the Parish.
  • Rain this week has delayed pick up slightly, however will continue with multiple passes.
  • Parish officials are looking into tracking for pick up.

Construction & Demolition Debris Drop Off Point:

  • A Drop off point for C&D will be at the West Bank Landfill on HWY 3127 for those who do not want to wait for C&D debris pick up to begin. Residents dropping debris will be required to show their I.D. with a Parish address.
  • Drop off road for C&D is on the Sheriff’s Range Road.
  • Please see attached graphic:

DSNAP Approved for St. James Parish

  • Federal approval given 9/14/21.
  • Residents can call the LAHelpU Customer Service Center, 1-888-524-3578, to apply and be interviewed for DSNAP. Applicants should call 1-888-524-3578, select their language, prompt 6 and then 1 between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 6 p.m
  • More information can be found at:

Boil Water Advisories:

  • All 4 water systems in the parish are now LIFTED. There are no parish areas under a boil water advisory at this time.


  • Parish Libraries remain open with public computer availability for residents in need of applying for disaster assistance.
  • Library staff have been trained by FEMA to provide basic assistance to residents utilizing public computers for registration.

Department of Human Resources:

Department of Human Resources continue the assessment and case management team triage throughout the parish.   

  • Door-to-door assessment of the needs of our residents continues
  • Working to secure housing for PHA residents on today (3 priority families).  Meeting with potential landlords.
  • Secured 50k thus far in support for relief for residents.
  • Getting ready to start giving out gift cards to Walmart to help residents in need. (from AmSty)
  • Working with AmySty, Capital area United Way, and Nucor to secure resources needed.


  • Teams are confident that Parish officials have done everything to support finding alternative locations for families whose homes were damaged and unlivable following Hurricane Ida.


  • Many residents have chosen neither of the 3 options presented. Some are staying with family instead.


  • The 3 options for relocation and majority have chosen none of those options. (Going to the mega shelter, going to a hotel in Houston, or going to Bayou Segnette State Park)

Point of Distribution Location Updates:

  • Less than 100 cars at all pods yesterday and expect similar numbers today.
  • State criteria requires that once power is restored, and critical services reopen PODS are to be closed.
  • Possibly closing POD locations Friday, 9/17.

Sheriff’s Office Updates:

  • Calls have begun to taper off and trending more towards pre-storm numbers.
  • Recommends lifting curfew beginning Friday

St. James Parish Hospital Updates