LA Coastal Parishes Group Supports Federal Offshore Leasing in the Gulf of Mexico

Published 6:26 am Friday, August 6, 2021

Hahnville, LA – The Parishes Advocating for Coastal Endurance Association (PACE) recently passed a resolution supporting federal offshore leasing in the Gulf of Mexico. Oil and natural gas exploration, development, and production on federal waters offshore provide for energy and national security, and fund conservation, restoration, and protection of the country’s national parks, forest, and coastal areas.

Recent data has shown that energy production from the Gulf of Mexico is climate-advantaged and barrels are produced at a lower carbon intensity compared to production from foreign sources.

“The U.S. offshore oil and natural gas program is critical in providing climate-advantaged energy, jobs for American workers, and funds supporting conservation, restoration, and protection of our natural resources such as national parks and marine coastal areas,” commented PACE Chairman and St. Charles Parish President Matt Jewell. “Uninterrupted leasing of offshore tracts for energy development is essential for the continued production of the country’s energy resources.”

The PACE association is comprised of parish presidents, mayors, and police jury officials representing 20 Louisiana coastal parishes. The association works for the support of research, outreach, and education of coastal issues affecting the State’s natural resources.

“PACE is urging President Biden and Interior Secretary Haaland to immediately schedule Gulf of Mexico lease sales,” said PACE Vice Chairman and Lafourche Parish President Archie Chiasson.

The resolution is being shared with members of the U.S. Congress, Louisiana city and parish governing authorities, the Louisiana Police Jury Association, the Louisiana Municipal Association, and the National Association of Counties.