When we pray, God knows our heart

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 21, 2021

I’ll never forget when my son, Matt, (now 60) was 5 years old and had trouble staying in his bed all night.  Almost every night, he would wake up in the middle of the night and creep into our bed.  Jeanne didn’t mind as much as me, because he always came in on my side of the bed.   Once in a while I would bring him back to his bed, but he always managed to come back in our bed.


The next day I would be angry and try to reason with him saying that he was old enough to stay in his bed, but needless to say, my reasoning with Matt didn’t work.


Before bedtime each night, I would pray with each of my children.  I believe then, and still do, that prayers work.


One night I told Matt that I really believed Jesus wanted him to stay in his bed.  I then suggested if he would wake up and want to come in our bed, he should ask Jesus to help him stay in his own bed.


Well, the next morning I was really mad and started fussing Matt about not listening to Jesus.  He said, “Daddy, when I woke up I spoke to Jesus as you said.  I told Him I was cold and Jesus said to go to bed with your mom and dad.”


As I wrote this article, I was reminded that when praying, God knows our heart and the motive behind our prayer.  It was more about my selfish desire and not about Matt.


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