Psychology meets theology at Conquerors Christian Therapy Services

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 30, 2021

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LAPLACE — While serving as pastor for the past 12 years, Dr. Devin K. Mason realized his parishioners had not only spiritual needs, but emotional and psychological needs as well. He’s bringing theology and psychology together to continue healing minds at Conquerors Christian Therapy Services LLC.

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held June 25 at 104 Ormond Blvd. Suite M in LaPlace. Services include anxiety and depression therapy, anger management, conflict resolution, couples therapy, family therapy, fear and trauma therapy, grief therapy, marriage therapy, money management and stress therapy.

Mason is licensed by the American Association of Christian Therapists Inc., and he looks forward to making a positive impact in the community.

“A part of what I try to do in my ministry is holistic ministry. That’s healing people’s mind, body and soul as well. Just talking to a few of my church members, I saw where there was a need for counseling,” Mason said. “The word therapy simply means to heal or to cure. That’s what I have a passion for, just to help people to heal their emotional and psychological pains. What drove me to this was just seeing a dire need to help people emotionally as well as psychologically.”

Mason got the keys to the facility in March 2020, just before the world shut down. He was finally able to bring in his first client in August 2020. While the pandemic has added another layer to mental health challenges, Mason believes that the best way to heal a mind is to incorporate the elements of prayer, Biblical principles and spiritual disciplines.

“I believe in order to fix a thing, you have to go back to the creator of that thing. Because we believe that God is our creator, then who better to help to fix us?” Mason said. “Theology is the study of God, and psychology is the study of our minds. We integrated those things together because God gave us our minds, and we use His word to help us heal our mind.”

Sessions are secure and confidential. Mason strives to schedule private sessions so there will be no one in the waiting area as the patient is coming in or leaving. The business suite consists of the main counseling office and a waiting area that can double as a space for group therapy.

Mason plans to turn a neighboring room into a soul meditation space.

“Some people need to come in and just talk, but others need to come in and find a place just to breathe,” Mason said. “It’s going to be painted with calm, cool colors, and have soft music and/or sounds of nature. This will serve as a tool to relax a client for therapy.”

Sheriff Mike Tregre said he has worked closely with Mason and other pastors in St. John the Baptist Parish, and he’s seen firsthand the positive impact spiritual leaders have on the community. In some cases, that has meant inspiring hope in the downtrodden or offering community service initiatives. Pastors have also been a tremendous help in providing spiritual support to inmates and helping individuals turn themselves in without incident.

Tregre said Conquerors Christian Therapy Services will allow Mason to continue saving souls, the way already he has for many years.

Virtual therapy sessions are also available, and referrals are not necessary to schedule an appointment. For more information, call 504-612-7744 or find Conquerors Christian Therapy Services LLC on Facebook or Instagram.