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SCC announces Student Council Executive Board & Class Leaders

LAPLACE — St. Charles Catholic High School announced its 2021-2022 Student Council Executive Board and Class Leaders. These Comets will work with the new class representatives to plan many of the major events for the student body next year, beginning with many meetings in the summer.
The Executive Board includes President Allison Powell, Vice President Juliana Portillo, Secretary Essence Tarrence and Treasurer Joseph Haydel.

Class officers are as follows: Senior President  Karen Trichell, Senior Vice President Brooke Forsythe, Junior President Erin Powell, Junior Vice President Alexis Monistere, Sophomore President Katherine Bergeron, Sophomore Vice President Lainey Beadle, Freshman President Caleigh Remondet and Freshman Vice President Hannah Emery. Eighth grade class officers will be elected at the beginning of the next school year.