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Pro Flow Softwash wants to ‘give your house a bath’ Efficiency & customer service are at the core of the business

  1. JAMES PARISH — Pro Flow Softwash gives new life to residential and commercial exteriors including roofing and solar panels with a long-lasting, deep clean.

The fully licensed and insured company is based in St. James Parish and proudly serves Southeast Louisiana.

Exterior cleanings have been completed from Baton Rouge to New Orleans and everywhere in between, extending as far south as Terrebonne Parish. Recent large-scale projects have included cleaning Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church in Vacherie and Evergreen Baptist Church in Paulina.

Kyle Jenkins and his brother-in-law, Corey Zeringue, started Pro Flow Softwash nearly three years ago after seeing a need for exterior cleaning services in the community.

“I had a construction company previously, and we were focused on home maintenance. We started getting a lot of requests for exterior cleaning and pressure washing, so we looked into it and transitioned over,” Jenkins said.

According to Jenkins, softwashing is a process of chemically cleaning the exterior of a home, business or roof using chemicals that safely and efficiently kill algae, mildew and other forms of organic matter.

While some high-pressure hoses can cause irreversible damage, Pro Flow Softwash utilizes specialized equipment designed for a low-pressure, deep clean without risk of damage to the property.

“Softwashing is a more up-to-date, technological style of cleaning,” Jenkins said. “Comparing pressure washing to soft washing is like comparing cutting grass and round-up. Softwashing kills the algae and mold to the root versus just knocking off the top.”

He added that softwashing is perfect for cleaning roofing, solar panels, concrete and more on the exterior of a home or business.

Pro Flow Softwash also offers other exterior cleaning services, including hot water cleanings and pressure washing for brick and concrete. Specialized cleaning services can also bring new life to equipment including tractors, campers, trailers and more.

Customer service, efficiency, dependability and quality of work are at the core of the business.

“Our company is based strictly on customer service and quality of results. When we show up to a job, we are ready to go with everything we need. We usually get that customer’s work completed in the same day of service,” Jenkins said.

Pro Flow makes its own batches of softwashing solution to optimize efficiency. According to Jenkins, Pro Flow Softwash stands out from competition in the River Region in experience and knowledge of the industry.

“Over the last year, we’ve seen a lot of people are coming in and starting up but not fulfilling the need for softwashing or not being able to keep up with the demand. That is where our efficiency has been greatly helping us,” Jenkins said. “We also have multiple machines that we can run at any given time so that if one goes down, we have back-ups.”

In a recent review of Pro Flow Softwash services, customer Michelle Hymel said the company was professional and easy to work with, responded quickly, and exceeded expectations.

“I am very impressed with the amazing job they did on my house. Will definitely use them again in the future,” she said.

Another recent reviewer, Devin Roussell, referred to Pro Flow Softwash as “top notch” and “the best in the business.”

Roussell commended the company’s professional service and willingness to answer questions on the spot, and he joked that he didn’t even know what color his roof was before Pro Flow cleaned it.

Pro Flow Softwash offers free estimates and demonstrations to show potential customers what the softwashing process can do when you decide to “give your house a bath.”

For more information, call 225-964-2440, visit proflowsoftwash.com, email proflowsoftwash@outlook.com or find Pro Flow Softwash on Facebook and Instagram.