NOTICE: Bills Signed by Gov. Edwards

Published 6:57 am Wednesday, June 2, 2021

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BATON ROUGE —  Gov. John Bel Edwards announced that he has signed the following bills into law from the 2021 Legislative Session, including HB 375 by Rep. Aimee Freeman, which allows for sexual assault survivors to receive early termination of their residential leases.

“I am proud to have signed HB 375 by Rep. Freeman into law, making it Act 1 of the 2021 Legislative Session,” said Gov. Edwards. “This bill is a great step forward in helping sexual assault survivors gain independence and protection under the law, and I applaud Rep. Freeman for bringing this legislation forward.”

ACT 1—HB 375 Provides relative to sexual assault victims as parties to certain residential lease agreements.

ACT 2—HB 8 Requires the Evangeline Parish Tax Assessor to pay the cost of certain insurance premiums for eligible retirees from the assessor’s office.

ACT 3—HB 12 Creates an individual income tax checkoff for the Sexual Trauma Awareness and Response (STAR) organization.

ACT 4—HB 27 Repeals certain adjudication, reporting, and notice requirements applicable to certain licensing boards and commissions.

ACT 5—HB 32 Increases the total number of credits that may be earned by an offender upon earning a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree.

ACT 6—HB 37 Provides for uniform post-placement functions associated with agency adoptions and private adoptions.

ACT 7—HB 50 Provides a state and local sales and use tax exclusion for certain re-leases or re-rentals of items of tangible personal property.

ACT 8—HB 65 Provides relative to mandatory audits of title insurance producers by title insurers.

ACT 9—HB 69 Provides relative to underground utilities.

ACT 10—HB 97 Designates a portion of United States Highway 425 in the town of Mangham as the “Marshall Waters, Jr. Memorial Highway.”

ACT 11—HB 125 Provides relative to the role of the Department of Children and Family Services as an indispensable party in certain domestic matters.

ACT 12—HB 139 Requires specified members of the parish board of election supervisors to complete annual training relative to the preparation for and conduct of elections.

ACT 13—HB 141 Requires persons conducting exit polls within six hundred feet of a polling place to register with the secretary of state.

ACT 14—HB 179 Provides relative to the requirements for officers and directors of domestic regulated entities.

ACT 15—HB 182 Provides relative to annual meetings of domestic insurance companies.

ACT 16—HB 214 Provides relative to required orientation and training of new registrars of voters.

ACT 17—HB 217 Provides relative to banks and banking.

ACT 18—HB 227 Provides relative to subpoena duces tecum when investigating sex offenses involving human trafficking.

ACT 19—HB 236 Provides relative to Louisiana Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association Law.

ACT 20—HB 260 Provides for technical corrections and revision of provisions of Title 36 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes.

ACT 21—HB 283 Repeals reporting requirements related to commercial motor vehicle policies.

ACT 22—HB 285 Provides relative to the amount a time a person may remain in a voting machine.

ACT 23—HB 298 Provides relative to stockholders’ meetings and use of remote communication.

ACT 24—HB 307 Provides relative to notary examination preparatory education and instruction reporting requirements.

ACT 25—HB 385 Provides for the removal of abandoned manufactured housing units.

ACT 26—HB 387 Provides relative to network leasing by dental insurers.

ACT 27—HB 400 Provides relative to the partition of property.

ACT 28—HB 436 Repeals requirements for the Department of Insurance to maintain a central database for contact information on life insurance policies in force in the state.

ACT 29—HB 450 Provides relative to the Louisiana Manufactured Housing Commission.

ACT 30—HB 451 Provides for discounts and insurance rate reductions for residential and commercial buildings built to, or retrofitted to, reduce the threat of loss due to windstorm events.

ACT 31—HB 461 Provides relative to violations by facilities licensed in accordance with the Specialized Provider Licensing Act.

ACT 32—HB 462 Provides relative to the tax on surplus lines and unauthorized insurance.

ACT 33—HB 532 Provides relative to the contract limit for certain common carrier certificate requirements for movers of household goods.

ACT 34—HB 689 Provides relative to credit unions.

ACT 35—SB 13 Allows upgrade of accrual rate applicable to transferred service credit.

ACT 36—SB 21 Provides for the purchase of service and salary credit for members furloughed due to COVID-19.

ACT 37—SB 24 Provides a minimum benefit increase for certain retirees, beneficiaries, and survivors of the Teachers’ Retirement System of Louisiana, Louisiana State Employees’ Retirement System, Louisiana School Employees’ Retirement System, and State Police Retirement System.

ACT 38—SB 26 Designates the Forked Island Bridge over the Intracoastal Waterway on Louisiana Highway 82 in Vermilion Parish as the “Rose Ashy Broussard Memorial Bridge.”

ACT 39—SB 37 Provides for designation of certain state highways.

ACT 40—SB 67 Increases the documentation fee allowed to be charged between an automobile dealer and customer.

ACT 41—SB 78 Provides for eligibility for military honor license plates for members of the Louisiana National Guard.

ACT 42—SB 79 Provides relative to the governance of fire protection districts created by Pointe Coupee Parish.

ACT 43—SB 84 Provides for health insurance coverage of genetic testing for various cancer mutations.

ACT 44—SB 100 Provides liability protection for federally insured depository institutions and mutual associations that transfer money or property by relying on small succession affidavits.

ACT 45—SB 119 Provides relative to health insurance coverage for mammography.

ACT 46—SB 169 Provides relative to the Louisiana Underground Utilities and Facilities Damage Prevention Law.

ACT 47—SB 174 Provides relative to the membership of the Alexandria/Pineville Area Louisiana Convention and Visitors Bureau Board of Directors.

ACT 48—SB 182 Provides relative to public bid forms and specifications.

ACT 49—SB 184 Provides for the appointment of members to the nominating committee for the board of commissioners of St. Tammany Parish Hospital Service District No. 2.

ACT 50—SB 191 Provides relative to coverage of certain physician-administered drugs and related services.

ACT 51—SB 193 Provides relative to entrance firefighters and police officer classes.