Gary Sinise Foundation Invests in Cajun Navy 2016 Volunteers

Published 8:30 am Monday, May 31, 2021

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WATSON, LOUISIANA  / — In an effort to help first responders better prepare for the upcoming hurricane season, the Gary Sinise Foundation has invested in ten Cajun Navy 2016 volunteers who are attending a swift water rescue awareness course hosted by Gulf State Dive and Rescue.

One of the goals of this course is to help these volunteers be better prepared for swift water rescues this year as they will become a resource for many communities affected by heavy rain events such as those seen across Louisiana during August and September 2016 that caused significant flooding.

As well as learning about how to handle their boats safely on high waters, participants also are learning how to use ropes, pulleys, and knots; how to set up anchors, and how to use a tarp as a canopy for victims.

This course will undoubtedly help many of our Cajun Navy 2016 volunteers be better prepared should they need to respond during this rainy season, saving more lives in the process.

In addition to learning these valuable lessons from’s instructors Pinnacle Search and Rescue volunteers are learning:

•How to understand which factors could put you, other rescuers, or victims at risk when dealing with floodwaters.
•How to recognize the underlying hydraulics of a river, including how they change as your approach shallower or deeper sections.
•How to understand the anatomy of moving water outside of rivers and channels, flood phases, and other flood events.
•How to help provide rescue support or scene assessment in water environments to designated high threat targets.
•What rescuers need to know about safety in an aquatic environment and the ability to work effectively with other public safety agencies from other states or countries.
•Disaster relief for natural and manmade disasters involving waterways
•What first responders should know when responding to a situation with moving or still water.
•How to provide competent legal testimony related to services provided in the course of recovery or rescue.

How the course will benefit Pinnacle Search and Rescue

Armed with these life-saving skills, when the next flood event happens, they will be able to quickly and efficiently save lives in the line of duty.
The course is a great opportunity for Pinnacle Search and Rescue to learn from experts how best to keep their team members safe while helping families recover from natural disasters.

About Pinnacle Search and Rescue (Cajun Navy 2016)

Pinnacle Search and Rescue (Cajun Navy 2016) is a volunteer search and rescue team, based in Watson, Louisiana.

When disaster strikes, Pinnacle Search and Rescue is always there to help those in need. From hurricanes, tornadoes, or floods – they will be on the scene with their emergency volunteers and equipment to lend a hand!

Cajun Navy 2016 are everyday people just like you, but when disasters strike they’re always there at the right time to lend a helping hand during times of need.
It is through generous partnerships with foundations such as the Gary Sinise Foundation and its donors that Pinnacle Search and Rescue is able to provide support for the communities they serve.

If you’d like to help support Pinnacle Search and Rescue (Cajun Navy 2016) you can make a secure donation on their website.