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Ray Garofalo removed as the Chairman of the Louisiana House Education Committee.

The following is a statement from Speaker of the the House Clay Schexnayder.
“As elected members of the legislature, it is our duty to continually prioritize the needs of our state over and above the needs or desires of any one individual. With this in mind and with careful consideration, I have decided to remove Representative Ray Garofalo as the Chairman of the Louisiana House Education Committee. Representative Mark Wright, Vice Chairman of the Committee, will temporarily serve as chair for the remainder of this session. This decision comes after Representative Garofalo’s refusal to mitigate the ongoing situation.
We are on the verge of passing monumental legislation to benefit the hard-working families of this state, such as fundamental reforms to our complex tax code, infrastructure, healthcare, and education.
With very little time left in this legislative session, it is vital for the House, as a body, to do its job and stay focused on the goal at hand – to deliver for the people of the state.”