LETTER TO THE EDITOR:Parent engagement is the goal

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 12, 2021

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It is critical to understand, Parent Involvement is not bad. It’s just that Engagement is better.

There are many ideas known about the norm of Parent Involvement to Parent Engagement. We are now required to engage our parents.

According to questions I heard from the audience of parents and faculty during the parent meeting at Lake Pontchartrain Elementary last week, two things stuck with me…1.How can we get some resources that will help with our ELL Students (Staff)?

2.What about books that can help? I can talk to the ELL students a little…books would really help with language. (Staff).

3.How can I or We get more involved at the school (Parent)?

Simply put, involvement means “doing to” while engagement indicates “doing with.”

When Parent Engagement is the focus, parents are in partnership with the school.

In these parent-school partnerships, parents are welcomed, heard and serve an integral role in the decision-making process.

Guest speakers on Zoom are not parent engagement meetings.

We are at the end of the school year. We (Parish) have not done the job of being engaged with parents as stated by law.

The main focus is to help parents become more helpful with the education of our children. This, in turn, will help at the school level with the learning and teaching each day.

We must become more focused on engaging parents not just involving them in predetermined tasks.

Here, again, we must realize, “One size does not fit all.”


Stay Safe St. John,

Citizen Jean

Carolyn Jean Batiste