April 24 election results

Published 5:22 am Sunday, April 25, 2021

LAPLACE — Voters in St. John the Baptist, St. James and parts of St. Charles Parish voted to elect a new United States Representative for the Second Congressional District during the April 24 runoff election, following Cedric Richmond’s departure to work at the White House.

Troy Carter has been elected to Congress with 48,511 votes or 55%. His opponent. Karen Carter Peterson earned 39,295 votes or 45%. Troy Carter (Democrat) said his priorities are equal and fair housing legislation, fighting for citizens with disabilities, criminal justice reform, environmental justice, equal pay/a living wage, advocating for reduction or elimination of student loan debt, allowing women control of their reproductive rights and expanding access to healthcare.

St. Charles Parish voted, 3402 to 990, in favor of a Parishwide Hospital Service Hospital Service District No. 1 should issue bonds not exceeding $17 million for the purpose of purchasing, acquiring and constructing lands, buildings, machinery, equipment and furnishings to be used in providing hospital facilities.

St. James Parish voters also saw two Parishwide Consolidated School District propositions on the April 24 ballot. Voters were asked to choose “Yes” or “No” in regard to each proposition.

The first, which won with 2467 to 985, asked voters whether the St. James Parish School District should issue bonds not exceeding $64 million for the purpose of refunding all or a portion of the outstanding general obligation bonds of the District. Bonds have been issued to acquire/improve lands for building sites and playgrounds, including construction of necessary sidewalks, parking lots and streets, as well as purchasing, constructing and/or improving school buildings and athletic facilities within the District. In this reallocation of funds, the estimated millage rate to be levied in the first year would be 6.6. mills, a decrease of 3.4 mills over the amount currently being levied to pay General Obligation Bonds of the District.

The second proposition, winning 2329 to 1117, asked voters if the St. James Parish School District can levy a special tax of 3.40 mills on all property subject to taxation. An estimated $1.75 million reasonably expected to be collected from the levy each year for a period of 10 years, starting in 2021 and ending in 2030 to give additional support to the St. James Public School System.

With a loss of funding resulting from the closure of the Shell Convent facility, St. James Parish Schools announced in March that it would have to eliminate 30 teaching positions for the 2021-22 school year. The District will also cut academic programs, reduce the work calendar to cut two days of pay for employees, eliminate voluntary professional development days, cut two central office positions, reduce athletic programs costs and reduce maintenance and operations.