10 sneaky ways to get more fruits & vegetables in your diet

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 24, 2021

Did you forget to eat your fruits and vegetables today?  More and more Americans are forgetting to eat the proper number of fruits and vegetables per day.  Eating your daily fruits and vegetables can help you fight various diseases and give you a healthier and more productive lifestyle.  Well, here are some sneaky ways that we can incorporate more fruits and vegetables into our daily diet.

Smart snacking: Instead of snacking on Lay’s potato chips or your favorite cookie, snack on celery sticks with peanut butter, baby carrots, banana, pear or mango.  Half a cup equals your one serving of fruits or vegetables.

Fruits in plain view: Display fruits on kitchen counter or table, so that when you are walking through the kitchen you can pick up an orange or apple or when leaving the house to run some errand, you can take a handful of grapes or banana.

Soup:  Homemade soup allows you to get all your vegetables in one serving.  Your homemade soup can contain vegetables such as: carrots, green beans, corn, tomatoes, peas, cabbage and even mushrooms.  Sound healthy?

Planning:  When you have free time during the day or night when at home, cut up vegetables for a couple of days and put in zip lock bags for a later date.  This helps when you start to cook, everything is ready to prepare the meal.

Fruit and vegetable at every meal: Every meal should include a fruit and vegetable for a balanced meal.

Double up on servings: If you feel that you are not going to get the full amount of your fruits and vegetables, it is good to double up so that you do get the proper number of fruits and vegetable per day.  Doubling up can be an asset in this circumstance.

Salad before or after dinner: Having a salad before or after dinner could be a salad with mushrooms sautéed and corn or a salad mixed with nuts and cut up fruits.

Frozen fruits: Dinner is over, and I need something sweet?  What about some frozen grapes, strawberries or peach slices?  Sounds good, oh yes, it is making me hungry.  This is a simple and great dessert even for the children to eat as snacks.

Smoothie: Blending your favorite fruits or vegetables can lead to a healthy breakfast, lunch or even snack during the day. Remember, you need to get in your fruits and vegetables every day.

Sneak it: Have you ever thought about sneaking something in food that is good for you, but others may not like?  If so, that is a great idea. Others will not even notice that it is in there and will compliment you on the taste.

Good luck eating all your fruits and vegetables!