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Coast Guard recovers 1 unresponsive, continues searching for 12 missing people from capsized vessel 8 miles south of Port Fourchon

NEW ORLEANS — The Coast Guard recovered one unresponsive person and continues to search for 12 missing people, Wednesday from a capsized commercial lift boat 8 miles south of Port Fourchon.

Coast Guard rescue crews have searched more than 1,440 square miles, which is an area larger than the state of Rhode Island, during a combined search period of nearly 40-hours.

“Our rescue crews have been diligently continuing the search and rescue efforts for the missing people from the capsized vessel,” said Capt. Will Watson, commander of Coast Guard Sector New Orleans. “When it comes to search and rescue, each case is dynamic and no single case is the same as the next. Anytime our Coast Guard crews head out for search and rescue, it is always our hope to safely bring those people back and reunite them with their friends and families.”

Rescue assets involved in the search so far:

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