Entergy customers can expect slight increase in monthly bills

Published 1:20 pm Thursday, April 8, 2021

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Entergy Louisiana customers can expect to see a roughly $9 increase on their bills from April through August of this year related to the recovery of natural gas costs, according to Customer Service Vice President Yovanka Daniel.

Winter weather that impacted Louisiana in February brought prolonged freezing temperatures and ice that is seldom seen in this region.Those extreme-cold temperatures heavily affected not just Entergy’s service territory, but the entire region of the country. Natural gas, which Entergy uses to operate numerous power generation facilities, was scarce and costly for utilities nationwide. As a result of the higher gas pricing and volumes used to create more electricity, recoverable fuel costs for the month of April would have been approximately $45 more than in March for a typical residential customer consuming 1,000 kWh.

Daniel said the Entergy Louisiana team worked with the Louisiana Public Service Commission to help mitigate the impact of those increased natural gas charges on customers, and will spread those costs over five months, rather than including them all on one bill as would normally happen. As always, fuel costs will be fully audited by the Louisiana Public Service Commission.

“We know these are difficult times; that’s why we wanted to give notice before these costs are due,” Daniel said. “Further, we have made several flexible payment options available to help those facing economic hardships.”

Please call 1-800-Entergy to discuss the bill payment assistance plan. The plan includes deferred payment arrangements for up to 12 months and payment extensions with waived late fees. Customers also can visit entergy.com/mypaymentoptions to find a payment option that best fits their needs.