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River Region Chamber of Commerce urges voters to Vote ‘YES’ for St. Charles Parish Hospital renewal

The River Region Chamber of Commerce proudly represents over 350 businesses, with an employee base of over 13,000 in the parishes of St. James, St. John the Baptist and St. Charles. Our mission to “Grow, Strengthen and Unify Businesses” has remained steadfast since our inception in 2004.

Upon review by the River Region Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, we’d like to express our support for the upcoming April 24 election to issue bonds to finance major upgrades and improvements.  We understand that this is not a new tax, but an extension of an existing millage at a lower rate. The revenue generated by this proposed millage reallocation will greatly enhance the hospital’s services through new equipment, technology, facility infrastructure and other capital needs.

Being owned by the citizens, St. Charles Parish Hospital is known to be a great community partner to its residents and businesses by way of transparency and consistently putting a high quality of care at the forefront. We also understand the great need for this proposition due to the most recent pandemic by means of being prepared in whatever way possible to have the best services for its community.

The Chamber supports the initiatives made by our local governments to act responsibly to ensure business sustainability and a high quality of life for its residents as they use efficient operations to make proactive progress. The River Region Chamber is a non-profit organization with a mission to “Grow, Strengthen and Unify Businesses in the River Region”.


The River Region Chamber of Commerce is a 501c6 non-profit with a mission to grow, strengthen and unify businesses in the River Region. Since 2004, the Chamber has helped build relationships that impact and improve the quality of life through strong leadership that advocates a pro-business environment in St. Charles, St. James and St. John the Baptist parishes. It focuses on serving as the voice of River Region businesses, providing business support and value to members, and building coalitions. Visit the Chamber online at www.riverregionchamber.org.