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St. John Celebrates National Community Development Week

St. John the Baptist Parish- Parish President Jaclyn Hotard joins the nation in proclaiming the week of April 5-9, 2021 as National Community Development Week in St. John Parish.

Since 1986, St. John the Baptist Parish has received $6,743,696 in total from 14 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds. With these funds, we have been able to undertake a number of projects aimed at improving the community including constructing a levee in Foxwood Subdivision, constructing a walking pier on Peavine, the Rehabilitated Edgard Water Treatment Plant Clarifier project and much more. Over 40,000 people in the community have benefited from these projects, majority of whom are low and moderate income persons.

National Community Development Week helps spotlight the impact that CDBG funds have on communities throughout the United States. The CDBG program is among the few flexible sources of federal funds that remain available to rural governments for community development.

St. John the Baptist Parish will celebrate this week by shining light on the CDBG program and the many benefits that it offers to our Parish.

“CDBG is a valued program that allows local governments to develop partnerships and projects to help improve quality of life and assist with meeting the needs of residents,” said Parish President Hotard. “We look forward to continuing these relationships to benefit St. John for many years to come.”


For more information about the Louisiana Community Development Block Grant Programs, please contact the Office Community Development at (225) 342 – 7412. ###